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Koli Event Venue has many Corporate and Event options for you to choose from.

Cowboy Games
Cowboy Games

(up to 4 hours & includes an attendant)

Group A

Sidekick Horse Shoes
Lucky Clover Ring Toss
Rocky Mountain Oyster Ladder Ball
Hay Bale Steer Roping
Crazy Corn Hole


Group B

Cowboy Chip in Golf
Tomahawk Hatchet Throw
Red Warrior Archery
Gunslinger Quick Draw

Arena Challenge
Arena Challenge
Arena Challenge.webp

Are You Ready for a Major Challenge and a Ton of Fun? Our Arena Challenge is for You! Participants Put All Their Skills to the Test as They Guide Their Horses Around a Timed Obstacle Course.

Arrest – A – Guest / Trail ride Holdup & Kidnapping
Arrest A Guest

Have your boss or fellow employee arrested by our wranglers. Your guest will have a blast trying to gather money or points to free them from mock jail cell.  Add $75 for Wanted Poster (Color 18″x24″) souvenir and additional group handouts (Black & White 8.5″x11″).

Cattle Drives (10 Person minimum/25 max per group)
Cattle Drive

Picture the movie “City Slickers” where riders from beginners to experienced work to round up some cattle and move them from our center up and around Maricopa Wells and back. The goal is to work together to move the herd without any cows breaking away. And if so, going after the stray to return back to the herd. Group communication, focus, and teamwork makes this a perfect company event.

Interactive Foot Rodeo
Interactive Foot rodeo

If You Are Ready for Some Serious Laughs and Lots of Excitement, Nothing Promotes Engagement Like a Foot Rodeo. Participants Are Divided Into Teams and Have to Work Together to Separate Their Assigned Cattle from the Herd. The Perfect Audience/Group Participation Event and Real Fun to Watch!

Cowgirl Weekend
Cowgirl Weekend

No chores for a whole weekend!

Fun is included in the Cowgirl Weekend package just for cowgirls. Trail rides, team penning, line dancing, breakfast cookout, and ranch style home-cooked meals are on the schedule. And you won’t even have to worry about the clean up

Team Building Adventures
Team Building Adventures

All Team Building Adventures are uniquely customized to the company's specific goals. We serve local, national, and international companies and can design a program to fit any schedule.

In order to promote competition and collaboration, corporate groups are separated into teams for the duration of their stay. Teams compete against one another by earning points at various circuit stations. At mealtimes, around the campfire, and during the final branding ceremony, the entire group comes together to network, discuss their experiences, and enjoy the company of their colleagues and our professional wranglers. 

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